The Peninsula Broadband Coalition welcomes employers and employees to experience the way life should be

The Blue Hill Peninsula is comprised of many small villages and towns – each with its own personality. The landscape here is marked by sweeping views of the blueberry barrens and the sea. Tucked in among the ridges, valleys, and the jagged coastline, you’ll find adventure of all kinds, from a day on the water and an evening of live music to a solitary morning walk and an afternoon of gallery tours and shopping.

This region was settled in the mid 1700’s, its early economy centered around ship building and quarrying. Lumbering, lobstering, fishing and farming have played an important role in our economy and culture since the earliest days. By the late 1800’s the region had become a summer destination. Today, many of these industries coexist with a thriving art, music, and food scene to create this unique place called The Blue Hill Peninsula.

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Blue Hill Peninsula Chamber of Commerce

“Reliable rural broadband access is essential to strengthen and diversify Maine’s economy. As we have seen today, rural broadband can help entrepreneurs grow their business, enable farmers to practice precision agriculture and access new markets, and help students learn in an expanding digital world. By building these bridges between Maine’s rural communities and a 21st century economy, we can help Maine businesses and people grow and thrive.”

– Senator Angus King