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Help Us Improve Broadband Coverage!

Many rural areas of Maine, like Sedgwick, are underserved by broadband. Some areas have no wired internet at all.  Internet electronics are at capacity, distances are too far, wiring is outdated, and speeds have not kept up with the needs of residents and local businesses.

Sedgwick is applying for grants to improve service. Mapping broadband service helps grant applicants identify unserved areas. The ConnectMaine Authority is asking Mainers to take a speed test on their computers or their phones – wherever they are connected to WiFi.  Our area’s results are vital to our community’s efforts to improve broadband in the Town of Sedgwick and across the Blue Hill Peninsula.

Take the speed test now!

ConnectMaine Authority and the Maine Broadband Coalition

In July, Maine voters approved a state bond of $15 million toward expanding broadband service in the state. The ConnectMaine Authority conducts rulemaking to incorporate statutory changes made by the state legislature. A rulemaking process has begun for the Act To Encourage the Development of Broadband Coverage in Rural Maine.

ConnectMaine Authority seeks grant applications to plan and expand the availability of broadband service in the state. ConnectMaine anticipates awarding about half of the bond funds at this time, toward projects that generate significant public benefit.

The state has set a goal to contribute 25% of the total cost of expanding the availability of broadband, to connect 95% of potential subscriber locations by 2025.

The MBC (Maine Broadband Coalition) is a network of public policy wonks, educational advocates, businesses, non-profit organizations, government agencies, and individuals who care deeply about Maine’s digital future. Submitting this information allows ConnectMaine to improve their understanding of the broadband service in Maine. The Town of Sedgwick invites the community to join in the effort to achieve reliable, accessible, and affordable high-speed internet for everyone. We welcome one and all to this effort.

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